Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Best. Meal. Ever.

Last night I had what I think is the best meal of my life.

It's DW and my 2nd year anniversary today but for various reasons we can't really do anything today so we went out to dinner last night.

The restaurant we went to is called Chez Michel, it's on Oak Bay Road in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

If you are living in Victoria, or are planning to visit anytime in the near future, put down your pens, pencils, crayons, blackberries or laptops and book a table right now - I promise you won't regret it.

The menu is unpretentious with standard fare (lamb, beef, fish) while still having a french direction, but it is in it's simplicity that makes it shine. Rather than dressing up the meal with unnecessary sauces, garnishes and extras, Chef Michel cooks the base item so well it speaks for itself.

I had the Seafood Vol-au-vent as an appetizer, Rack of Lamb with Vegetables for my main course, and a French Connection crepe (filled with ice cream and covered in Chocolate fudge sauce).

I love my rack of lamb (DW will attest to this!). I have eaten in more places around the world than I care to think about, and if they have a rack of lamb then I will order it. I can say without hesitation that Chez Michel's was the best I have ever had!

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